Fall Protection

Ensuring the safety of your employees who work at height is a priority for you. When you join forces with our company, you will confidently provide safe and secure fall arrest solutions you can trust.

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  • Lifeline Systems
    Our comprehensive range of products can meet the requirements of the most challenging environments. Trailing Rope Grab 0123, Vertical Ropes, Stainless Steel Cable Fall Arrester, Aerial kits, Cross Arm Strap Anchor Point, Galvanized Cable Retractable, etc. The best products of 3M brand
  • Harnesses
    All type of Harnesses of 3M brand, with many characteristics as: Grommet Leg Connection, Back and Waist D-rings. SafeLight Harness, Ameba Harness , Feather Harness, Apache Harness and others
  • Lanyards